Used EDWARDS E2M18 #123093 for sale

ID: 123093
Pumps Power: 110 V, 1 Ph.
EDWARDS E2M18 pump is a rotary vacuum pump designed for high performance and efficiency. It is constructed with a direct drive motor that offers reliable performance and maximum energy efficiency. EDWARDS E 2M 18 uses an oil-sealed rotary vane technology for volumetric displacement and capacity up to 18 m3/h. The pump is also equipped with integrated steel cooling fins in the external casting for improved cooling. E 2 M 18 pump also provides maximum vapor handling capacity due to its Teflon vee-packing and low friction operation with the integrated silencers reducing noise levels. A further advantage of E 2M 18 is that the service life of the pump is greatly increased due to the vapour-sealed oil-wetted seals that supply the pump with vacuum more efficiently and require a low maintenance cost. Furthermore, it is designed to work in a variety of products and processes where continuous duty is required. E2M18 offers a High-Efficiency Synchronous Motor (HESM) and electronic phase control technology to provide optimal output. The electronic phase control allows the operator to accurately control the output, as well as the speed and vacuum levels. Additionally, EDWARDS E 2 M 18 utilizes a liquid ring vacuum technology that helps minimize wear and tear. This is especially useful when operating the pump in high pressure and temperature applications. EDWARDS E2M18 is also designed to offer superior reliability and safety features. For instance, the pump is equipped with a mechanical seal with a "fail-safe" design ensuring that any leaks or outflow path is closed when the motor stops operation. This feature also reduces the risk of contamination due to oil leakage. EDWARDS E 2M 18 also offers a thermal overload protection system that monitors the heat efficiency and motor temperature and will shut down the motor if necessary to prevent overheating and subsequent damage to the pump. Taking all this into consideration, E 2 M 18 pump is an ideal choice for a variety of high-performance, long-lasting, and safe vacuum operations.
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