Used EDWARDS E2M18 #164052 for sale

ID: 164052
High vacuum pumps.
EDWARDS E2M18 is a vacuum pump designed to integrate into existing industrial infrastructure. EDWARDS E 2M 18 is a rotary lobe pump that utilizes a unique m-shaped lobe profile to ensure extremely efficient operation. It features a direct-drive motor and passively cooled oil sump, and is capable of a deep ultimate vacuum of 1x10-5 mbar. Additionally, E 2 M 18 features a carbon-graphite vane rotor, a mechanical seal that offers high efficiencies, and a radial baseplate with robust structural support. With a 100% oil-free operation, the pump is also designed to be environmentally friendly, utilizing low voltage motors and helicoid timing gears for noiseless operation. E2M18 is highly reliable, with a long mechanical life and low maintenance requirements. E 2M 18 is an ISO 8573-1:2010 Class 0 compliant device and is designed for use in cleanrooms and critical applications. Its efficient non-pulsating flow makes it ideally suited for a variety of critical processes, including pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing, electronics and semiconductor production, advanced materials production and biological research. EDWARDS E 2 M 18 offers a highly efficient flow with a low ultimate vacuum and long service life, making it an ideal choice for high-end industrial applications. The high-performance design allows it to be stackable with multiple pumps, allowing for greatly increased pumping capabilities in a compact system. Additionally, the pump can be integrated with a variety of existing infrastructure, making it simple to integrate into existing production lines. Overall, the market-leading EDWARDS E2M18 provides an exceptionally efficient performance, long-term reliability, and user-friendly integration into existing systems. With its advanced features, EDWARDS E 2M 18 is an ideal choice for any industrial application that requires an efficient and reliable vacuum pump.
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