Used EDWARDS E2M18 #9059975 for sale

ID: 9059975
Vacuum pump.
EDWARDS E2M18 is a heavy-duty industrial vacuum pump that is designed specifically for deep vacuum applications. It is a lubricated rotary-type vacuum pump, with a single-stage design, and is capable of achieving deep vacuum pressures of over 80 Torr. The pump is powered by a 2 hp electric motor and is designed for continuous duty applications. The pump features a direct-drive design, with a single-stage impeller that provides a maximum inlet capacity of 8.68 CFM at 29.7" of mercury vacuum. It also features a side port to assist in servicing or maintenance and allows the user to easily install any necessary components. The pump is enclosed in an all metal construction to ensure reliable performance and to protect it from external elements. EDWARDS E 2M 18 uses a single 2 hp electric motor to power the pump. It is capable of continuous operation and is capable of handling large workloads without facing any issues. The motor is rated for a maximum of 0.2 running amperage, which allows it to be powered efficiently. The pump also features a simple but effective design that promotes cost and maintenance efficiency. It uses a single-stage impeller to create a deep vacuum pressure, and is designed so that the efficient use of the impeller creates a low-sound and low-vibration operation. The single-stage design also makes it easier to maintain and service; allowing for quick and easy access to all components for any necessary replacements or repairs. E 2 M 18 vacuum pump is capable of achieving an operating vacuum of over 80 Torr, making it ideal for deep vacuum applications. It is a durable construction pump made out of an all metal body and can handle high workloads without issue. The pump features a simple but effective design that promotes cost and maintenance efficiency and ensures that the pump operates with low vibrations and sound pressure levels.
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