Used EDWARDS E2M2 #122501 for sale

ID: 122501
Pump, 120V, 2 cfm.
EDWARDS E2M2 is one of the most popular and enduring vacuum pumps on the market. This is a positive-displacement, rotary-vane pump that is oil-sealed, direct-drive and air-cooled. Its convenience and use in a broad range of applications sets it apart from other pumps. EDWARDS E 2 M 2 is equipped with a specially designed 6-vane rotor that reduces flow pulsations and eliminates surging in its pumping operations. The rugged construction of this pump is designed to handle conveying low, medium, and high vapour-pressure vapours, as well as condensable vapours. With a rated pumping speed of 33 m3/hr (20.3 cfm) and tolerances up to 1 x 10-4 mbar, it is suitable for many industrial and scientific applications. E2M2 has several features that make it an ideal choice for users. Its economical operation and compatibility with User Maintenance Kits allows for easy and convenient maintenance. In addition, it offers a wide operating range, allowing it to be used in different applications and environments. The pump is also designed to operate at reasonably low noise levels, making it a good choice for applications in sensitive areas or laboratories. Its selection of accessories complete the offering of E 2 M 2. EDWARDS offers several types of cold traps, silencers, inlets, and exhaust muffs to reduce the noise level in operation. An additional range of accessories include oil and dust filters, inlet valves, speed controls, and a variety of KF and CF fittings. All these accessories can be bought off the shelf and make it easy to customize EDWARDS E2M2 for your specific needs. EDWARDS E 2 M 2 is a reliable and economical pump for most applications requiring a vacuum. Its versatility and ease of use have made it one of the most popular vacuum pumps, and it remains a top choice amongst scientists, engineers, and users who value its multifaceted design.
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