Used EDWARDS E2M2 #9094962 for sale

ID: 9094962
Pumps Model No: A360-01-912 Pumping Speed: 2.8 CMH 2 Stage pumps Accessories Available: Oil Mist Filter Inlet Filter.
EDWARDS E2M2 pump is an oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and is one of the most widely used pumps for rough and medium vacuum applications in industrial and scientific environments. It is a rotary vane type pump with two compression stages and a maximum pumping speed of 11.5 m3/hr. The key feature of this pump is its two-stage compression. During the first stage, air is drawn into the suction side of the pump through a filter. The air then passes through a set of rotating vanes which compress the air, expelling it towards the exhaust outlet. In the second stage, a scroll motor moves a rotor within a circular housing. This rotor compresses the air further, increasing its pressure. EDWARDS E 2 M 2 is designed to achieve low ultimate pressure, typically below 0.1 mbar going down to 0.02 mbar in certain applications. This makes it ideal for processes which require an extremely low pressure such as flyback valves or mass spectrometry. Additionally, the compact design and the low power requirement make this pump suitable for mobile applications where the space requirements are relatively limited. E2M2 is capable of handling volatile substances as it is equipped with an anti-suckback valve which prevents condensation of the gas. In addition, its dry compression design prevents contact between the oil and the air, resulting in a high-performance pump with low maintenance costs. E 2 M 2 is a reliable and efficient pump and can be used in various industrial and scientific applications ranging from vacuum distillation and freeze drying to spectroscopy, vacuum metallurgy and many others. This pump is highly recommended for its low-maintenance design, its excellent performance and its expendable cost.
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