Used EDWARDS E2M275 #9064457 for sale

ID: 9064457
Rotary pump MF-300 Oil mist eliminator.
EDWARDS E2M275 is an oil-lubricated rotary vacuum pump designed for high-vacuum applications and ideal for scientific research and laboratory use. This oil-sealed mechanical pump is designed to provide high-level performance and reliability, even in most demanding applications. It has a reliable two-stage, oil-sealed design to ensure maximum performance and reliability, with a low level of liquid fore-vacuum and good ultimate pressure. Its coaxial drive equipment allows for a compact and balanced construction, while its magnetic-coupled drive system ensures smoother operation and worry-free maintenance, with improved motor life. EDWARDS E2M 275 has a maximum ultimate pressure of 1x10-3 mbar, a pumping speed capacity of 275 l/sec, and a maximum intake port size of 63 mm. E 2 M 275 is constructed with an aluminum cast casing and a strong steel base plate, ensuring excellent durability. The pump is designed with a silicone contamination-free distillation flange and a large oil mist eliminator, which minimizes oil contamination, providing an enhanced level of oil purity. Its axially-sealed ball bearings provide good bearing life, and the pump is outfitted with an easily accessible oil drain valve and a filter screen to ensure trouble-free maintenance. The large oil reservoir and internal oil cooling unit of E2M275 substantially reduce oil heating and oxidation, while its low-noise fan ensures that noise levels stay below 8 dB. EDWARDS E 2 M 275 is also designed to meet the seismic requirements of network and industrial environments. Overall, E2M 275 is a reliable, high-performance rotary vacuum pump with excellent features and long-lasting durability. Its powerful two-stage, oil-sealed design makes sure the pump delivers superior performance, while its tempered steel base and aluminum cast casing adds extra protection and enhances its reliability. The oil mist eliminator, low-noise fan, internal oil cooling machine, and other features help to minimize oil heating and contamination, providing a higher level of purity and great motor life. With its great performance, features, and ease of maintenance, EDWARDS E2M275 is a great choice for a variety of laboratory and high-vacuum applications.
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