Used EDWARDS E2M28 #142693 for sale

ID: 142693
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS E2M28 is a high performance multi-stage dry scroll vacuum pump. This large pump is able to produce a continuous, oil free vacuum while providing minimal service and maintenance costs. EDWARDS E 2 M 28 boasts a wide, adjustable operating range of 10 to 10-7 mbar, simultaneously reducing power consumption and noise levels through its Variable Speed Drive (VSD). E2M28 has a hard-wearing, high-quality carbon composite construction that ensures a long operational life with minimal maintenance requirements. The design of E 2 M 28 is also such that it reduces friction and the need to replace wear components, increasing the service life and efficiency of the pump. The power-efficient motor utilizes energy efficiently, reducing energy costs and environmental impact. EDWARDS E2M28 is equipped with an adjustable back pressure valve, which helps to maintain the pressure in the vacuum chamber, even when the pump is turned off. This allows for a safe operation, and minimalise process down-time. Additionally EDWARDS E 2 M 28 offers a range of accessories, such as gas ballast, anti-suck back valves, and condensate coolers, helping to ensure optimal performance of the vacuum pump. E2M28 is strong and reliable, making it ideal for various applications including particle acceleration, chemical vapour deposition, semiconductor processing, and food packaging. It is also applicable in industrial processes such as heat-treatment, vacuum impregnation, thermal evaporation and thin film deposition. This pump is certified to UL, CE and has a type CE-marked power unit, meaning it is safe to use in industrial environments. In conclusion, E 2 M 28 is an exceptional dry scroll vacuum pump with impressive power-savings, durability, and reliability. It is designed to provide cost effective, high- performance operation and to reduce the time and resources needed to run the pump whilst simultaneously eliminating oil contamination. With its wide range of accessories and adjustable back pressure valve, EDWARDS E2M28 is suitable for a variety of industrial and scientific applications.
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