Used EDWARDS E2M28 #149339 for sale

ID: 149339
Oil-sealed vane pump Specifications: Displacement (swept volume) 50Hz: 19 cu ft / min Displacement (swept volume) 60Hz: 22.3 cu ft / min Speed (Pneurop 6602) 50Hz: 16.2 cu ft / min Speed (Pneurop 6602) 60Hz: 19.5 cu ft / min Ultimate vacuum (total pressure): Without gas ballast: 7.5 x 10^-4 torr With gas ballast: 1.1 x 10^-2 bar Inlet connection: NW25 flange Outlet connection: nozzle 15mm external diameter removable from hole tapped 3/4" BSP Maximum permitted pressure at outlet: 7 psig Maximum inlet pressure for water vapor: 23 torr Maximum water vapor pumping rate: 0.7 kg/h Weight: 40 kg Motor power 50Hz: 0.75kW Motor power 60Hz: 0.90kW Oil capacity (maximum): 1.5L Oil capacity (minimum): 1.2L Recommended oil: Ultragrade 19.
EDWARDS E2M28 is a rotary vane dual-stage vacuum pump created by the company, EDWARDS Ltd. It is an oil-lubricated pump, meaning that it requires regular maintenance in the form of oil changes. EDWARDS E 2 M 28 pump uses an inlet filter to keep out particles and any debris that may be in the air, given it a specific particle limit of 50 microns. At a maximum capacity of 28m³h-1 and a maximum ultimate pressure of 5x10-4 mbar, this pump is capable of dealing with any on a variety of industrial applications. E2M28 is a reliable and robust pump, boasting a direct-drive motor that is easily adjustable in speed, making it ideal for applications with changing needs. It is designed for continuous running, with a 3150rpm 13.3Kw motor, allowing for excellent performance and reliability even in tougher jobs. The pump is oil sealed and the rotary vane vacuum system protects against the oil-oxidation, ensuring that the pump has a long lifespan. The unique design of E 2 M 28 also allows for the filters and lubricants to be easily accessed, making maintenance of the pump simpler and less time consuming. In addition, the external configuration of the pump allows it to be mounted in a wide range of positions, making installation quick and simple. With a weight of just over 140kg, the pump can also be easily transported with minimal effort, giving it great versatility and making it easy to deploy where and when it is needed. EDWARDS E2M28 is the perfect pump solution for the range of industrial applications it has been designed for and offers excellent cost-effectiveness, reliability and longevity. With the ability to deliver upwards of 28m³h-1, EDWARDS E 2 M 28 is an excellent choice for jobs that demand reliable and efficient vacuum pumping. If a powerful and reliable industrial pump is what you need, then E2M28 should be your first choice.
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