Used EDWARDS E2M30 #122132 for sale

ID: 122132
Vintage: 2010
Pumps, 2010 vintage.
EDWARDS E2M30 is a high-performance, heavy-duty rotary displacement pump designed to provide superior performance while operating in extreme environmental applications. It is highly reliable and has an extensive range of features designed to meet the most critical requirements. It is also extremely efficient and can be installed into industrial, scientific and medical applications. EDWARDS E 2 M 30's design is focused on high efficiency and excellent performance. Its patented housing design provides superior air displacement with the best efficiency possible. The quality of its build provides the highest level of durability and reliability, enabling it to perform in even the most challenging applications. Furthermore, it is engineered to be able to handle high pressure and vacuum operation simultaneously. E2M30 is powered by an ABB AC motor to provide the highest level of power and performance. Its impeller combines an innovative design with a high-grade alloy to provide superior efficient flow. The entire motor is hermetically-sealed and pre-filled with a special food-grade organic coolant to ensure that it withstands any aggressive liquids or chemicals. E 2 M 30 features an integrated cooling fan which helps maintain its temperature even when operating for an extended period of time. It also includes a unique, independent oil recovery system which ensures superior oil delivery and return, helping to prevent contamination of the pump's hydraulic system. EDWARDS E2M30 comes in multiple sizes and configurations, making it suitable for a variety of applications. It also has a wide range of built-in safety features such as pressure and temperature detection gauges, as well as overheat and overpressure switches to provide superior protection. This highly efficient and reliable pump is perfect for any industrial, scientific or medical setting and can provide superior performance even in extreme environmental conditions. Its construction and components offer the highest level of endurance and make it an ideal option for any demanding application.
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