Used EDWARDS E2M40 / EH250 #9095245 for sale

E2M40 / EH250
ID: 9095245
Pump Model No: A383-10-935 Displacement: 240CMH Inlet connection: ISO63 Outlet connection: KF25 (3) Stages Type of oil: H/C or P.F.P.E Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air 2.6kW, 415V, 3 phase.
EDWARDS E2M40 / EH250 is a series of high performance vacuum pumps designed for industrial, scientific, and medical applications. This series of pumps feature robust designs and durable materials for long life and reliable performance. The E2M40 is a two-stage rotary vane oil-sealed vacuum pump with a maximum pumping speed of 70 m3/h, while the EH250 is a three-stage high vacuum rotary vane pump capable of delivering a maximum of 95.5 m3/h. Both models offer excellent air volumes at a compensator pressure of less than 1 mbar. EDWARDS E2M40/EH250 series pumps are incredibly reliable and easy to maintain. Both models feature a fluid dynamic drive motor, which eliminates the need for a belt drive. This makes the pumps highly reliable with fewer moving parts to wear out. They also have auto oil drain and check valves to simplify maintenance. The pumps also feature a fully enclosed motor and base unit, which helps to keep out dust and other particles. In addition, both models offer a wide range of features to ensure a safe operating environment. Both pumps come standard with an anti-suck back valve that prevents vacuum levels from dropping lower than their specified cutoff point. They also feature an air-cooled oil separator to keep the temperature of the oil in check. Both models also meet CE certification for safe operation. The design of these pumps also makes them incredibly energy efficient, saving money on energy bills. They feature an adjustable air flow rate that helps to reduce energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance. Both pumps also feature a built-in thermal overload protection switch to help prevent burnout or overheating. In conclusion, E 2 M- 40 +EH 250 series of vacuum pumps is an excellent choice for industrial, scientific, and medical applications. They boast reliable designs and quality materials for long-lasting performance, and feature a range of safety measures to ensure a safe operating environment. These pumps also offer excellent air flow rates and are highly energy efficient, making them an economically sound investment.
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