Used EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500 #174336 for sale

E2M40 / EH500
ID: 174336
Blower package, warehoused.
EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500 is a vacuum pump created by EDWARDS, a world leader in vacuum technology. This pump is intended for use in a range of industrial applications in order to create an environment of vacuum. E2M40 / EH500 is a two-stage, direct drive rotary, oil sealed mechanical booster. It is designed to transfer large volumes of air and other gasses, while providing an oil-free, consistent and reliable vacuum operation. Its two-stage design provides high speeds, low noise operation, and power efficiency. The pump is designed to boost the performance of existing pumps, providing high performance vacuum right away by delivering very low ultimate pressure, low power consumption and long life. Its rapid start and stop times helps with process accuracy and reliability. This pump also features a multiscrew direct drive motor for smooth operation, which is oil-lubricated for excellent wear resistance and high durability. The pump is constructed with a cast iron housing, and is available with several different standard and adapter flanges that allow for easy mounting and servicing. This pump also features an inlet pressure/vacuum gauge for monitoring performance and an output muffler for low noise operation. EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500 has a number of benefits, such as its high level of performance, offers a variety of mounting options, offers a high reliability and good wear resistance, low noise and a good ultimate pressure. This pump offers excellent performance and is designed to handle process needs on the production floor. It can easily be used in a variety of applications that require a reliable and efficient pumping system. Overall, E2M40 / EH500 is an excellent vacuum pump offering excellent performance and reliability. With its two-stage design, it provides a reliable, consistent, and efficient operation while offering a high level of performance. Thanks to its cast iron housing, mounting options, and noise reduction, this pump is designed to be used in a variety of industrial applications.
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