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E2M40 / EH500
ID: 9097926
Roots blower package PC Controller.
EDWARDS E2M40 and EH500 are two medium sized, rotary-vane pumps from EDWARDS Vacuum. Both of these universal pumps provide a reliable and economical solution for industrial applications such as process and general vacuum needs. This family of pumps is suited for use in a wide range of industries, including pharmaceutical, medical, printing, semiconductor, packaging, and material processing. EDWARDS E2M40 is a robust and efficient direct drive vacuum pump capable of achieving a maximum volume flow rate of 40 m3/hour. It delivers excellent ultimate pressure of 0.5 to 10 mbar, depending on the capacity and compression ratio. This product features a belt drive system with a balanced motorized rotor that operates at speeds between 500 and 1450, delivering great performance and durability. The inlet and outlet ports are both located at the top of the pump to enable easy installation. EDWARDS EH500 is a water-sealed rotary-vane pump with an inlet capacity of 50 m3/hour. It features a unique two-stage compression system in which the primary stage creates an initial vacuum pressure. Then, the secondary stage compresses and pushes the remaining air molecules, thereby enhancing the ultimate pressure and operating efficiency. The EH500 can achieve ultimate pressures of 0.1 to 2 mbar using oil-based lubricants for proper cooling and reduction of on-off cycling. Both of these pumps feature low noise levels and vibration control, making them ideal for long term operation. They are also capable of efficient operation at low temperatures, allowing them to work even in cold climates. Additionally, each of these pumps comes with a comprehensive monitoring system, allowing the user to closely monitor activities such as maintenance and performance. Overall, EDWARDS E2M40 and EH500 are reliable and efficient pumped solutions for a variety of industrial applications. They offer superior performance, excellent pressure ratings, dependable operation, and low noise emission. By using proven designs and quality components, these pumps ensure maximum efficiency and minimum cost of ownership.
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