Used EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500A #9095402 for sale

E2M40 / EH500A
ID: 9095402
Pump Part No: A385-11-935 Combination Rotary pump and Booster pump Displacement:3500 CMH (3) Stages Oil Type:Mineral or PFPE Inlet connection:ISO100 Condition:Recon.
EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500A vacuum pump is a high-performance oil-sealed rotary vane pump that is suitable for a variety of industrial applications. This pump operates at an ultimate pressure of less than 0.3 mbar and is capable of reach speeds of 160 m3/h. E2M40 / EH500A is constructed with an adapter connected to its outlet flange that accommodates either a DN 16 ISO-F connection or a ISO-F or DN25 elbow for a flexible connection. The pump includes a built-in pressure gauge, allowing the user to easily monitor and adjust vacuum pressure. It also has a built-in gas ballast valve, which is capable of venting small amounts of gas when needed. EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500A is designed with a direct driven motor that operates quietly and efficiently. This motor is powered by a robust three-phase induction motor that allows the pump to be operated continuously for over XX hours without the need for extra cooling. The motor is also adjustable and can be fine-tuned for optimal performance. Additionally, the motor is equipped with a self-starting feature that ensures the pump will operate reliably and safely. The pump also includes an integral oil drainage mechanism. This provides a convenient and safe way of disposing of lubricant that has been used to maintain the vacuum, eliminating the potential for oil spills. This system is made from a corrosion-resistant stainless-steel construction and is connected to the pump via a flexible hose. The pump also includes an anti-suck-back feature, which prevents oil from being drawn through the pumping chamber when the motor is disengaged. E2M40 / EH500A is equipped with safety features that ensure a safe operating environment. These features include a secondary interlock switch, pressure-sensitive emergency shutoff switch and an adjustable overload protection system. The pump also includes vibration dampers that help reduce noise levels during operation and reduce stresses placed on the pump. Overall, EDWARDS E2M40 / EH500A vacuum pump is an efficient, safe and reliable pump made from corrosion-resistant stainless-steel and designed for continuous operation in a variety of industrial applications. It is capable of reaching an ultimate pressure of less than 0.3 mbar, operates quietly and efficiently and includes a variety of safety features, making it an excellent choice for reliable and safe operation.
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