Used EDWARDS E2M40 #133133 for sale

ID: 133133
Fomblin pump, three phase.
EDWARDS E2M40 is a rotary pump that allows for vacuum creation or the transfer of gas or liquid. It is commonly used in the manufacturing industry to create a vacuum in order to evacuate systems or transfer liquid or air into a machine or system. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 has a 40m3/hr free-air displacement and can be used a maximum operating pressure of up to 1.5 bar (absolute). The maximum outlet pressure is 2600Pa with a maximum continuous inlet pressure of 1050Pa vacuum. E2M40 is a single-stage pump with a 400V motor and an AC motor speed of 2850rpm. It has a total power rating of 2kW and has a mechanical weight of 80 Kg, including the motor. E 2 M 40 has a low noise level, as it is a less-than 80dB pump, even at full flow. The pump's construction consists of an inlet adapter, stationary flanges, a cylinder head, piston alignment, a main bearing, an end-buoy, an exhaust adapter, and a rotor assembly. The rotor assembly consists of impellor blades, a rotor, a capolet, and a bearing bracket. The inlet adapter comes with an integrated, adjustable intake port for the intake of gases or liquids that is tested for gas tightness at 1 bar. The stationary flanges and exhaust adapter also contribute to the pump's gas tightness and are resistant to corrosion and wear. The main bearing consists of a ceramic-metal alloy and a removable bearing cartridge. The bearing cartridge provides a combination of lubrication, support, and protection from contact contamination. EDWARDS E2M40's design allows for the flexibility of usage and the availability of customisable spare parts. It has a low life-cycle wear rate and is easily maintained, needing no oil or change of wear parts and providing a long, maintenance-free operation when correctly used. Additionally, the self retracting vane is designed to provide higher performance, while the advanced full face seal prevents dust and liquid penetration. Overall, EDWARDS E 2 M 40 pump is a reliable and durable system that requires minimal maintenance and is capable of providing superior performance.
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