Used EDWARDS E2M40 #140495 for sale

ID: 140495
Vacuum pumps CFM: 30 Power rating: 230/460V, 3-phase.
EDWARDS E2M40 is a two-stage, positive displacement, rotary pump designed by EDWARDS Engineering Inc. to provide a critical process gas supply to an industrial facility. It is specifically designed to handle a wide range of industrial process gases, including air, nitrogen, hydrogen, helium, oxygen, argon, and ammonia. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 features a robust and reliable turbine-style design, engineered for long-term reliable operation in a wide range of demanding industrial applications. This model incorporates a lightweight motor with high-efficiency performance to deliver highly reliable performance and a long service life. E2M40 is equipped with a premium-grade mechanical seal system, which provides superior performance in industrial atmospheres and critical applications where safety is paramount. E 2 M 40 is constructed with a robust body and a driving assembly which includes a precision-engineered interface providing greater reliability than other pumps in its class. This model also includes an independent overspeed protection device that monitors the speed of the pump and cuts power in case of an overspeed emergency. It also includes a large air inlet filter which can be easily removed and cleaned, enabling superior machine hygiene and increased replacement cost savings over the long-term. EDWARDS E2M40 is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. It is equipped with a wide variety of connection systems and adaptors, which enable its connection to multiple process lines. Additionally, it comes with a range of operational control systems, including manual or computer-controlled models, providing total control and flexibility. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 is designed for dependability and long-term performance in an industrial setting, offering a wide range of features such as low vibration and noise levels, resistance to wear and tear, and a durable construction for reliable operation for years to come. This model is available in multiple sizes and configurations, making it a versatile solution for many process gas supply and vacuum applications.
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