Used EDWARDS E2M40 #142692 for sale

ID: 142692
Oil-sealed rotary pump.
EDWARDS E2M40 is a robust and reliable rotary, oil-sealed, vacuum pump of large capacity. It is designed for applications where a high degree of vacuum must be maintained, such as in food processing, pharmaceutical and chemical production, scientific research, and other processes. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 operates by utilizing two intermeshing impellers that separate two chambers inside the pump. The air and vapors are drawn into one of the chambers and pumped out of the other. The air and vapors are enclosed within the walls of the impellers and forced out of the chamber into another area of lower pressure by the force created by the intermeshing blades of the impellers. This creates a vacuum in the area where the air and vapors are drawn in. The air and vapors are then pushed out of the other chamber. The pumps can be operated continuously, with a single motor, or with multiple motors. E2M40 also has a variable speed motor, allowing the user to fine tune the speed of the motor depending on the application. This allows for increased efficiency, allowing for accurate and efficient vacuum maintenance. The pumps can also be equipped with a variety of accessories to further enhance their efficiency and effectiveness. These include filters to help remove water and contaminants from the air, blow-off valves to prevent overpressure within the chambers, and moisture traps to remove unwanted moisture from the air. E 2 M 40 is an efficient and reliable pump that provides clean and consistent vacuum operation, making it a great choice for applications where maintaining a vacuum at a consistent level is essential. The pump is designed for industrial and laboratory use, providing a reliable and consistent vacuum in a wide variety of environments. Its easy to use setup, variable speed motor, and wide range of accessories make it an extremely versatile and durable pump.
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