Used EDWARDS E2M40 #9094164 for sale

ID: 9094164
EDWARDS E2M40 is a high precision, direct drive rotary vane pump used in a variety of industrial settings. This type of pump is designed to be used in applications where high quality air or gas compression is required, such as manufacturing, laboratory, and medical applications. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 is renowned for its reliable performance, versatile design, and a low cost of ownership. This pump operates on a four-pole, permanent magnet motor, meaning it is incredibly powerful and efficient. As its name implies, E2M40 is capable of pumping against up to 40 mbar of pressure. This is roughly equivalent to a range of vacuum up to 500 mbar. The sealed internal chamber utilizes a two-stage compression cycle, making it up to twenty-five percent more efficient than comparable pumps. Durability is a cornerstone of E 2 M 40 design. This pump is extremely well-made, featuring a robust body that is impervious to corrosion and abrasion. Additionally, the motor can be operated for up to 50,000 hours before it needs to be serviced, reducing downtime and extending the lifetime of the pump. EDWARDS E2M40 is designed to operate on a number of different gases, including air, nitrogen, helium, and more. This makes it suitable for a wide variety of applications, allowing it to be used as a single-stage or multi-stage pump. The built-in lubrication system ensures that the moving components are well-lubricated throughout the life of the pump. This pump also offers superior performance when it comes to noise level. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 operates at lower sound levels than comparable pumps. The manufacturer also offers a number of optional accessories, such as a heated base and motor cooling devices, to further reduce noise and extend the operating life of the pump. Overall, E2M40 is a powerful, reliable, and cost-effective pump solution. Its low running costs and superior performance qualities make it an ideal choice for any number of industrial applications. E 2 M 40 is an ideal choice for any company seeking a long-term and reliable solution for their pumping needs.
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