Used EDWARDS E2M40 #9095189 for sale

ID: 9095189
Pump Part No: A364-11-935 Displacement: 42CMH Inlet connection: ISO/NW 40 Outlet connection: 25mm Flange suitable for NW25 (2) Stages Type of oil: Mineral Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air Accessories available: MF100 Outlet Mist Filter Various selection of Inlet Filters 1.1kW, 415V, 3Phase.
EDWARDS E2M40 is a vacuum pump that has been designed for continuous-duty operation in all types of industrial and commercial applications. It is capable of creating strong vacuum levels that will not only increase production output, but also help to reduce energy consumption and improve maintenance cycles. EDWARDS E 2 M 40 is single-stage, oil-sealed rotary vane type pump which features a stainless steel and cast iron construction with a direct drive motor. It is designed for industrial applications such as chemical processing, metallurgy, pharmaceuticals, vacuum coating, insulators/semiconductor parts, medical equipment, and a variety of other vacuum pump applications. This E2M40 has an inbuilt cooling fan and a motor overload protection that helps to ensure safe, efficient operation. It is both UL and CSA approved, and is equipped with a gas ballast control valve for additional protection against water, oil, and other vapors. This pump also has a patented gas mist extractor equipment that can reject large amounts of particles in the exhaust. E 2 M 40 has a high thermal efficiency, making it capable of carrying out a range of vacuum processes without wasting energy or time. It has ultimate pressure of 2 x 10-4 mbar and a nominal flow rate of 40 m³/h. This vacuum pump also features a direct drive motor which operates on 50/60 Hz and has a power rating of 2.2 kW. Additionally, it has a built-in exhaust filter system that ensures the pump's oil level is monitored during operation, and a self-diagnosis unit that checks the pump for its optimal status. EDWARDS E2M40 has a number of features that make it easy to maintain and service. It is designed with a patented pump removal machine which allows for simple and safe on-site servicing. Additionally, it has multiple oil points that are easy to access, as well as an easy to read oil level gauge on the front panel. Lastly, this pump is available in a variety of configurations and can be customized for individual applications. Overall, EDWARDS E 2 M 40 is a reliable and efficient vacuum pump that can meet the demands of various industrial applications without sacrificing performance or safety. Its robust design, intuitive features, and easy maintenance plan make it an excellent choice for any industrial application.
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