Used EDWARDS E2M5 #9097928 for sale

ID: 9097928
Vacuum pump.
EDWARDS E2M5 is a medium-sized, single-stage, double-headed rotary vane vacuum pump. It is designed to provide vacuum up to 33 mbar ideal for laboratory and industrial applications. This reliable pump has a low noise level and minimal vibration. E2M5 has a robust, oil-sealed and high-strength alloy body which makes it highly efficient and reliable. It has an internal lubrication system that ensures it is always running smoothly and efficiently. The motor is a 3-phase motor with a maximum power of 2.2 KW, a maximum voltage of 400 V and an insulation level of IP55. EDWARDS E2M5's Inlet/outlet ports are located on the top of the pump and can accommodate hose diameter size up to 25.4 mm (1"). The inlet/outlet connection on the pump can be connected to an existing vacuum system, allowing E2M5 to work in tandem with other vacuum sources. The inlet control valve can also be used to regulate the amount of vacuum. The pump includes a variety of safety features including a mechanical oil level indicator, which provides a visual indication of oil levels in the pump. The oil filler plug at the rear of the pump makes it easy to add more oil if necessary. The pump also has an automatic kickback system which prevents any back-flow. EDWARDS E2M5 is designed for a continuous use in industrial high-vacuum applications and is ideal for use in research and laboratory devices. It is reliable, robust, and efficient, and offers important safety features. It is one of the most dependable and reliable pumps available in the market.
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