Used EDWARDS E2M8 #9095085 for sale

ID: 9095085
Pump Part No: A362-01-912 Pumping Speed: 9 CMH Inlet Connection: KF25 Stages:2 Type of Oil:Mineral or PFPE Motor: 0.37kW, 240V, Single Phase.
EDWARDS E2M8 vacuum pump is a premium oil-sealed rotary vane pump designed to provide consistent and reliable performance. With a free air displacement of 8m³/hr, it is capable of providing high-pumping speed of a large range of gases and vapours. The vacuum pump features a robust and extremely smooth stainless steel construction for enhanced operation and prolonged life. It has an efficient oil-sealing system which prevents any vapours or gases from escaping the hermetically sealed pump chamber, ensuring both safe and efficient operation. E2M8 employs an advanced capacitor motor which allows it to operate quickly and quietly. The motor is thermally protected and its speed is maintained by the thermal protection device. Furthermore, the motor produces low vibration levels and is completely encased, protecting it from dirt and contaminants. EDWARDS E2M8 is driven by an inverter-duty motor, able to handle extreme voltage fluctuations, while the integrated thermal overload provides maximum reliability and safety during operation. The pump is also self-priming and degassing, a key feature which improves motor and pump reliability, particularly in low temperature applications. E2M8 vacuum pump is designed for durability and to minimise downtime, the pump is equipped with a manual reset, preventing the motor from over-heating. Along with a low noise level, useful accessibility, oil-level sight glass, and its oil-filled compartment, EDWARDS E2M8 is a strong choice for applications that require oil-sealed rotary pumps. E2M8 is suitable for a wide range of vacuum applications, such as industrial processes like degassing, distillation, vacuum drying and freeze drying, and in a variety of laboratories. With its fast pumping speed and durable construction, this pump is ideally suited for harsh and hazardous environments.
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