Used EDWARDS E2M8 #9097927 for sale

ID: 9097927
Vacuum pump.
EDWARDS E2M8 is a high-performance industrial pump used for a variety of applications, from vacuum and roughing capacitors in industrial machinery to pumping liquids, gases and slurries for pumping and transport applications. As a high-performance industrial pump, E2M8 is designed for heavy-duty use with a variety of materials, offering excellent protection against cavitation to ensure effective pumping. EDWARDS E2M8 is a double-acting positive displacement pump, meaning it runs continuously in both directions while handling a wide range of viscous and non-viscous fluids. It isavailable in six different sizes and has a maximum displacement of up to 10,000 l/min. Its variable speed options and a close-coupled design make it ideal for accurate dosing and transfer applications. It is designed for simple installation, with a rugged base, adjustable cold feet, and robust bearing construction for increased durability. E2M8 also comes with a single mechanical seal design for contamination protection. The choice of materials for the mechanical seal ensures the pump is suitable for a wide range of operating conditions and liquids. EDWARDS E2M8 is available in both single and double acting configurations, with a range of process-specific seals and elastomer compliance to ensure the optimal combination of robustness and chemical compatibility. E2M8 is also equipped with an integrated pressure regulator. This means that the pump can be used indefinitely without any supervision, since it will automatically adjust the motor speed in order to maintain consistent pressure. The motor also features a built-in thermal overload protection device, making it safe and efficient to use. In addition, EDWARDS E2M8 features a high operating suction lift, enabling it to be used in a variety of high-suction processes. The high suction lift also enables the pump to be used in applications with high altitude inclinations. E2M8 is a reliable and versatile pump that offers reliable and effective performance for a variety of industrial applications.
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