Used EDWARDS E2M80 #122505 for sale

ID: 122505
Pumps, 208/460V, 57cfm.
EDWARDS E2M80 is a multi-stage rotary vane pump designed for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. This robust and reliable pump offers an impressive performance with a maximum capacity of 39,000 m³/hr (170,000 CFM) and pressures up to 35,000Pa (500psi). Its durable construction, coupled with a range of designs and sizes, makes it ideal for applications ranging from laboratory vacuum systems to large industrial processes. The pump features an industrial-strength, die-cast aluminium construction with a strong, low-maintenance design. EDWARDS E2M 80 is available in either a horizontal or vertical orientation, with the vertical orientation featuring a compact design for tight spaces. It's powered by a highly efficient, three-phase electric motor that offers high performance at a fraction of the cost of competing models. Other features include an easy-to-access oil filling region and a quick-connect plug-in port for quick and convenient maintenance. E 2 M 80 has a number of operational and safety features that help to ensure a smooth and safe operation. The pump features an integrated over-pressure protection valve, which cuts the power in the event of a pressure rise in the discharge line. There's also a mechanical barrier to protect the impeller, while a fully baffled motor chamber helps reduce motor noise. E2M80 is ETL- or UL-listed for safety and provides an efficient, reliable solution for almost any industrial or commercial application. With its range of sizes and configurations, it's the perfect choice for a reliable and long-lasting performance. With a maximum performance of 39,000 m³/hr of capacity, its efficient operation is ideal for the most demanding industrial processes.
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