Used EDWARDS E2M80 #174337 for sale

ID: 174337
Pump, warehoused.
EDWARDS E2M80 pump is an energy-efficient rotary-vane vacuum pump ideal for industrial and scientific applications. This pump is capable of a maximum operational capacity of 8.0 m3/h and can handle a vacuum up to 0.3 mbar. It features a robust, robust, high-efficiency motor with a speed range of 700-1370 rpm and low vibration for quiet operations. EDWARDS E2M 80 is designed to withstand the demanding environment of industrial applications and comes with a wide range of support and maintenance services. E 2 M 80 has been designed to be highly efficient and versatile, making it a great option for a wide range of application requirements. EDWARDS E 2 M 80 features an oil-sealed mechanism with a minimum ultimate vacuum of 0.3 mbar, making it suitable for many applications. The pump can operate between atmospheric pressure to the rated ultimate vacuum without any sudden rpm changes, reducing mechanical stresses throughout operation. Additionally, the pump has a high volumetric efficiency of up to 60%. E2M80 is a high-precision pump that is available in a range of sizes and materials to suit any industrial needs. It is constructed with materials such as aluminum and stainless steel and has a minimum practical pumping speed of 1.3 m3/h, allowing it to handle large volumes of gas or vapor simultaneously. Additionally, this pump also boasts corrosion resistance as well as heat resistance and can be used in a variety of different temperature ranges. E2M 80 is designed for easy maintenance and service with an easy access design, a self-lubricating vane, and an overload protection system. EDWARDS E2M80 features a Teflon-coated inlet valve for higher efficiency and air-cooled veins for longer life. The pump also features anti-corrosion internals for improved performance and reduced wear. Additionally, EDWARDS E2M 80 is designed to be easy to replace with a rental package available from EDWARDS. E 2 M 80 is a reliable and efficient industrial pump capable of meeting the most demanding of applications. It is well-suited for many industrial applications, offering high volumetric efficiency, robust construction, long life, and easy maintenance. This pump provides a number of engineered features that make it a great option for any business.
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