Used EDWARDS E2M80 #9055013 for sale

ID: 9055013
EDWARDS E2M80 is a two stage, direct coupled, medium performance, planetary-gear side channel vacuum pump. Designed to meet the needs of the process industry, it is engineered to deliver reliable performance and long-lasting operation in demanding environments. Its features also include a high volumetric efficiency and a low noise level, as well as a lightweight and compact construction. Beginning with the performance capabilities of the pump, it is able to deliver an ultimate vacuum of up to 0.5 mbar. With a maximum displacement of 146 m³/h and a pumping speed of 80 m³/h, EDWARDS E2M 80 is suitable for a wide range of applications, including chemical and pharmaceutical production. It features a simplified design, helping to reduce maintenance costs, as well as robust construction for reliable operation in demanding environments. E 2 M 80 is capable of operating in a wide range of temperatures, making it suitable for a variety of situations. The noise level is also kept low, thanks to a specially designed muffler. E2M 80 is made up of two main components; a two stage centrifugal vacuum pump which pulls the atmospheric pressure down and a secondary planetary-gear side channel which further reduces the pressure by precondensation. This second stage is what gives the pump its high volumetric efficiency. The two stage effect design allows the E2M80 to achieve the desired vacuum with relatively low power consumption - as little as 3 kW - compared to other similar pumps. In addition to this, the pump has a fast start-up time, requiring only 120 to 180 seconds to reach full performance from a cold start. In terms of design, EDWARDS E 2 M 80 is also lightweight and compact, which makes it easier to handle and position. EDWARDS E2M80 features a cast iron housing, painted with epoxy powder. This helps to protect the internal components from external environmental conditions. The pump is further protected from the ingress of dust particles by an integrated filter. Finally, EDWARDS E2M 80 provides flexibility when it comes to installation, as it can be fitted in vertical, horizontal or inclined positions. All in all, E 2 M 80 is a reliable pump, delivering reliable performance and long lasting operation even in demanding environments.
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