Used EDWARDS E2M80 #9094074 for sale

ID: 9094074
EDWARDS E2M80 is a two-stage rotary vane pump designed for vacuum applications. This heavy-duty industrial pump offers a powerful and reliable source of vacuum, capable of achieving higher evacuation speeds than traditional piston pumps. Its robust and corrosion-resistant construction allows foroperation in a wide variety of environments, ranging from industrial to laboratory settings. EDWARDS E2M 80 was designed for applications where high air handling capacities are desired. Its two-stage design helps it achieve vacuum levels down to below 10-1 mbar. The pump is capable of pumping air, gases, and light vapors, making it suitable for a variety of applications. This pump features anti-vibration mounts as well as adjustable feet, allowing it to be securely mounted to different surfaces. E 2 M 80 boasts an integrated vacuum controller and thermal protection, which helps maintain the desired vacuum level while preventing the pump from overheating. The built-in overload protection further reduces the risk of damage during its operation. E2M80 can be operated manually or electrically, with a separate electric motor and control unit. The electric motor has a power range of up to 5.5kW and is available in both single and three-phase configurations, making it suitable for different types of power supply. EDWARDS E 2 M 80 is an essential piece of equipment for many industrial and laboratory applications. Its robust design and easy operation make it the ideal vacuum pump for applications requiring high air handling capacity and long-term reliability.
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