Used EDWARDS E2M80 #9096356 for sale

ID: 9096356
Dual stage rotary vane vacuum pump Fomblin prepped Peak pumping speed: 53 cfm at 60 Hz Max pressure: 7.7x10(-4) Torr Noise: 70 dBa Connection: NW-40 (inlet), NW-25 (outlet) Max water vapor inlet pressure: 3.8 Torr Max water vapor capacity: 300 grams/hour Operating temperature range: 12°C - 40°C Oil capacity: 6.3 L Oil type: Ultragrade 70 208-230/460 VAC, 3 Ph, 60 Hz.
EDWARDS E2M80 is a rotary vane high vacuum pump that features robust construction for a long operating life and reliable service. This pump is available in either single or three-phase configurations and produces flow capacities from 160-200 m3h-1. It is designed for ultimate vacuum levels down to 0.005 mbar (absolute). It can be used as a backing pump for ultra-high vacuum and cryo-pumping systems. EDWARDS E2M 80 is especially suited for use in demanding applications such as electron microscopy, coating systems, high/low temperature tests, evaporation systems, and aerospace/chemical research. E 2 M 80 features a robust cast iron construction that offers superior durability and vibration dampening in the toughest applications. It incorporates an efficient and reliable bi-lobe rotor configuration that runs into a vane chamber to produce a strong and continuous pumping action. The design of this pump also offers a high degree of energy efficiency, with exceptionally low power consumption compared to other pumps of similar capacity. It has been designed with an enclosed oil system to minimise the likelihood of oil contamination during operation. E2M80 also offers a variety of connection options to fit various applications, allowing users to select the ideal unit for their needs. Its motor and head assemblies can be rotated to the desired position for easy installation and simplified maintenance. This pump is available with a number of accessories such as a variety of inlets and outlets, heating and cooling options, and air cooling systems. Its rich feature set also includes an inlet filter and oil mist separator to help ensure both the cleanliness of the oil and the safety of the user. Overall, EDWARDS E 2 M 80 is an ideal choice for many demanding and high-performance applications, providing a reliable and efficient source of pumping power. It is a well-designed all-round unit that offers a host of features to improve user safety, raise operational efficiency, and reduce overall installation costs.
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