Used EDWARDS ECB3 #9096887 for sale

ID: 9096887
Pump Part No: A480-03-983 Displacement: 5.6CMH Stages: 1 Type of Oil: Dry Running Inlet connection: BSP Outlet connection: BSP Gas Ballast: N/A Cooling: Air .19 Kw 240 V 1 Phase.
EDWARDS ECB3 is a high-performance, high-efficiency centrifugal/back pull out (BPO) pump designed to provide reliable operation for a broad range of medium and high pressure systems. Its single vane impeller and volute design make it extremely efficient, while its robust, 9-stage frame makes it suitable for continuous, high pressure operation. To meet a wide variety of application demands, ECB3 pump offers various materials of construction, ranging from carbon, chrome, and stainless steel, for excellent corrosion resistance. EDWARDS ECB3 offers superior hydraulic performance, with low noise and vibration, and with up to a 94% efficiency rating. Its unique, high-efficiency design minimizes cavitation even in low NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) applications, and its design also allows for direct-drive motors up to 57.0 kW/75 hp. ECB3 pump is designed to handle a maximum pressure of 15 bar (217 psi) and may be configured to operate on either liquid or vapor applications. EDWARDS ECB3 is ideal for applications that require high flow rates and pressures, as well as those in areas with high ambient temperatures or contaminated operating environments. Its increased efficiency and increased pressure capabilities make it a great choice for power generation, oil and gas production, manufacturing, and many other industrial applications. Furthermore, it is designed with the highest quality bearings and seals to provide long-term durability and reliability. ECB3 pump has also been designed with convenient features to facilitate maintenance. The back pull-out design allows for the easy and safe removal of the inner rotating assembly without disturbing the pump case, motor, or piping connections. Furthermore, the engineered bearing housing simplifies bearing alignment and replacement, and its replaceable bearing option ensures extended bearing life. It also boasts an innovative spray bar seal flush system that helps maintain volute temperatures and lubricates the mechanical seal, thus preventing regular wear and tear on the pump. Due to its performance, efficiency, and convenience features, EDWARDS ECB3 pump is an excellent choice for a variety of applications requiring high pressure, high flow rate, and reliable operation in medium and high-pressure systems.
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