Used EDWARDS ED 200 #135733 for sale

ED 200
ID: 135733
Mechanical pump.
EDWARDS ED 200 is a compact and robust multi-stage pumping system designed for use in a wide array of high-purity and corrosive processes. ED 200 features a high pumping speed, durable construction and an unobstructed water jacket for superior process cooling. EDWARDS ED 200 incorporates several advanced features to maximize process performance and reduce downtime. Its durable design includes high-grade materials, such as high-temperature resistant ceramic seals and stainless steel. These components are resistant to abrasion and corrosion, allowing for superior performance and enhanced reliability. ED 200's large cooling water jacket can accommodate up to 100 square feet of cooling surface area. This cooling system is designed to minimize friction within the pump and maximize the efficiency of the process. Additionally, EDWARDS ED 200 features an oil-filled cartridge design, eliminating the need for frequent maintenance or replacement. ED 200 offers superior control over both pumping speed and flow rate. This is accomplished through a variable speed drive, which can be controlled remotely. The variable speed drive also allows for user-defined speed profiling, assuring maximum performance. EDWARDS ED 200 also features a digital flow meter, enabling precise pump flow control for increased process accuracy. ED 200's design also supports easy maintenance and installation. It comes equipped with quick-connect fittings and a removable seal cartridge for easy access to component replacement. Furthermore, EDWARDS ED 200 requires minimal installation time and is able to sit on a flat surface without additional support. Overall, ED 200 is a reliable and efficient pump system. Its precision design and superior construction allow for increased performance and enhanced reliability. EDWARDS ED 200 features a large cooling water jacket, adjustable pumping speed and a removable seal cartridge to facilitate component replacement. Its intelligent design and operation capabilities make it an ideal choice for a variety of industrial and laboratory applications.
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