Used EDWARDS EDM20 #9095110 for sale

ID: 9095110
Rotary pump Displacement: 20 CMH Inlet connection: KF25 or Tube Outlet connection: Hosetail (2) Stages Type of oil: H/C Gas ballast: Yes Cooling: Air 0.55 kW, 240 V, Single Phase.
EDWARDS EDM20 is a high-performance, dry-vacuum pump manufactured by Edward Scientific. This pump is designed for use in a wide variety of laboratory and industrial applications, including pumping of liquids and gases in scientific, diagnostic, and manufacturing processes. EDM20 is known for its remarkable performance, low running costs, and ease of maintenance. EDWARDS EDM20 features a 2-stage, dry-vacuum pump motor that operates with a direct-drive, variable-speed drive to reach flow rates of up to 25 cubic feet per minute (CFM). This high-capacity motor has an effective motor speed range of 0-3000 RPMs and a maximum working pressure of 25 mbar. This pump is designed for continuous operation at an ambient temperature range of 0-40ᵒC and a maximum operating pressure of 20 bar. EDM20 runs extremely quiet and requires minimal maintenance. EDWARDS EDM20 utilizes an innovative technology referred to as a "variable-speed drive." This technology allows the pump to operate smoothly at any pressure, delivering a consistent and reliable performance. EDM20 also offers a number of digital display features, including an LED display for pre-set operating points and alarms, as well as an electronic vacuum control for accurate and stable operation with minimal energy usage. The pump is constructed from stainless steel and features a wide range of accessories, including a built-in expansion tank, anti-vibration pads, air and gas filters, and additional ports for a number of other applications. EDWARDS EDM20 also includes a standard A/C motor cable, which is UL recognized for safety. EDM20 is designed to provide reliable performance for a variety of demanding applications, and is available in either single or dual nozzle designs. This vacuum pump is relatively easy to install and is designed to operate smoothly and efficiently. With its low noise operation and straightforward maintenance requirements, EDWARDS EDM20 is a cost-effective and reliable vacuum pump option for a variety of laboratory and industrial applications.
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