Used EDWARDS EH1200 #122620 for sale

ID: 122620
Blower, 208/460V, 835 cfm.
EDWARDS EH1200 is a vacuum pump designed for a wide variety of industrial applications. EDWARDS EH 1200 is a rotary vane type pump with a direct drive motor and a mechanical design that minimizes vibrations. EH1200 is a robust, reliable, and economical pump. EH 1200 features a low noise level and can operate in a wide range of temperatures. It is constructed from stainless steel, which makes it corrosion resistant and long lasting. EDWARDS EH1200 features an adjustable power regulator, which allows for precise control of the pump's operation. EDWARDS EH 1200 uses an exclusive EDWARDS High Flange Shaft Design to ensure maximum performance and durability. The shaft is hardened and ground to reduce wear and vibration. The shaft design ensures minimum leaks and a stable oil supply. The shaft design also improves efficiency by increasing the bearing load. EH1200 is equipped with an easy-to-view inlet/outlet port diagram and a spring-loaded valve for easy access. The pump also features a quick-connect port and an adjustable speed control. The speed control is designed for applications where pressure needs to be varied according to process requirements. EH 1200 is powered by a high quality, direct drive motor. The motor is designed with a reliable, over-sized fan which provides the necessary cooling vented directly to the pump. EDWARDS EH1200's motor is also equipped with a 24V constant voltage source, providing extra safety and protection against over-voltage surges. EDWARDS EH 1200 also includes an advanced lubrication system that includes an oil filling port and an oil-level indicator. This adds to its reliability and performance, as the oil level is easy to check and maintain. EH1200 is also available with an optional oil-warning system that protects the motor from damage due to low vacuum. EH 1200 is CE approved for use in most industrial environments and provides the reliable and efficient performance expected from an EDWARDS vacuum pump. EDWARDS EH1200 is an ideal choice for applications requiring reliable, cost-effective operation.
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