Used EDWARDS EH1200 #131535 for sale

ID: 131535
EDWARDS EH1200 is a rotary lobe pump that is used for lubricating oil, slurries, chemicals and other corrosive liquids. It is constructed with aluminum and stainless steel, making it an ideal pump for use in corrosive environments. EDWARDS EH 1200 is a highly-efficient, air-cooled, two-stage, positive displacement pump. It has an exaggerated, simple profile that makes it easy to install and fit into a variety of operating environments. The design of EH1200 consists of two helical lobes that rotate at a synchronized rate, ensuring smooth operation and precise fluid displacement. EH 1200 comes equipped with various features that help to provide superior performance. The lobe angle is optimized which maximizes efficiency and prevents cavitation and high pressures. Additionally, EDWARDS EH1200 is equipped with a vortex chamber, which provides superior atomization even in narrow spaces. Furthermore, a conical seal design provides improved debris resistance, resulting in a highly reliable pump. The operational efficiency of the EDWADS EDWARDS EH 1200 is improved by combining a variety of design elements such as direct motor drive or shear-drive transmission. Direct motor drive offers easy installation and operation, while shear-drive offers higher fluid delivery pressures and performance. EH1200 also includes an adjustable speed governor that can be used to regulate the flow rate of the pump. The speed governor also allows for shutdown upon overload without causing any damage to the pump itself. EH 1200 is a durable and reliable pump, made with high quality materials. The solid construction ensures dependable operation in a wide range of environments. EDWARDS EH1200 also provides superior performance, featuring an integrated digital display for easy viewing of performance parameters such as speed and temperature. It has a low noise level and is suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor settings. EDWARDS EH 1200 is an efficient and easy to use rotary lobe pump that is well suited for a variety of industrial applications. The pump's robust design and superior performance ensure dependability and long-term operation. With its advanced features and superior efficiency, EH1200 is the ideal pump for any application requiring lubricating oil, slurries, chemicals or other corrosive liquids.
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