Used EDWARDS EH1200 #142689 for sale

ID: 142689
Mechanical roots blower.
EDWARDS EH1200 liquid ring vacuum pump is designed to provide operating performance and efficiency for demanding applications. EDWARDS EH 1200 features quiet operation, low maintenance costs and is easy to install. It is ideal for use in a variety of processes such as vacuum distillation, oil processing, vacuum evaporation and freezing, vacuum drying, and air conditioning. The pump utilizes a wet vane vacuum technology that is driven by an electric motor. This reliable and efficient technology enables EH1200 to maximize energy savings and reduce energy costs. The durable and robust design of EH 1200 also makes it suitable for rugged industrial applications. EDWARDS EH1200 has a comprehensive selection of controls and operation modes that enable users to adjust the performance of the pump. Control modes include auto, start/stop, variable speed, and single speed. Advanced features such as a start/stop variable speed control enable users to rapidly adjust to changes in process requirements. EDWARDS EH 1200 features an integrated cooling system that prevents the motor from running hot and is designed to work continuously without any downtime. The low maintenance design of EH1200 allows for easy servicing and component replacement. EH 1200 also has a leak detection panel that ensures that the system is always in compliance with safety standards. EDWARDS EH1200 utilizes a high-performance liquid seal to ensure optimal vacuum levels and improved performance. The double-sealed liquid ring eliminates drippage and provides a reliable seal. EDWARDS EH 1200 has low vibration and sound levels that ensure quiet operation and improved performance. EH1200 is also protected against hazardous particles, liquids, and chemicals. EH 1200 is CE, C-tick, and UL listed, ensuring it meets all industry standards. It also has a small foot print and weighs less than 150 lbs, making it easy to install and transport. EDWARDS provides a comprehensive range of parts and accessories for EDWARDS EH1200, including pumps, motors, filters, valves, seals, and more. EDWARDS EH 1200 liquid ring vacuum pump provides reliable and efficient solutions for demanding processes. It features advanced features and controls, low maintenance costs, and easy installation. With its robust design and integrated cooling system, EH1200 ensures safe and reliable operation. Additionally, EH 1200 is C-tick, CE, and UL listed, making it a top choice for industrial applications.
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