Used EDWARDS EH1200 #9076624 for sale

ID: 9076624
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EDWARDS EH1200 is a high performance pump designed to execute high volumetric flow rates for aggressive wet cryogenic and high-pressure gas applications. The pump has an integrated motor, directly connected to the compression-chamber, and is sealed with a dual-seal arrangement, which dampens and eliminates any of the gas leakage that may occur. It also features a standard-spiral gearset to provide long-term durability, along with a direct bearing support and a backlash-free long-term operation. The cryogenic and high pressure compression chamber of EDWARDS EH 1200 has a capacity of up to 1200 liters per minute, enabling it to deliver high volumetric flow rates for high-flow applications. In addition, it features an internal guide plate array and a wear plate construction, which ensures maximum efficiency throughout its operating life. Additionally, its internal design completely eliminates the need for external seals and outlets. This pump also features a high-quality, stainless steel rotor with flushed-out stator gear-teeth to minimize bearing wear and minimize power consumption. It also has an enamel-coated stator surface to improve lubricity, as well as an acrylic-coated housing to maximize corrosion resistance. Because of its direct-drives, EH1200 pump can provide energy-efficient performance in a range of high-pressure and cryogenic applications. This pump also comes standard with a spin assembly for manual operation and provides many safety features, such as a built-in overload protector and a flow switch. It also has a diagnostic panel and a stater for built-in diagnostics and protection. The internal components are designed to be extremely durable, and the external components are designed for rapid and easy maintenance. Overall, EH 1200 is an efficient, reliable and durable pump that is capable of providing high volumetric flow rates for aggressive wet cryogenic and high-pressure gas applications. Its internal features provide maximum efficiency and longevity, and its external components make it easy to maintain and use. The pump is also designed for maximum safety, making it a reliable choice for industrial applications.
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