Used EDWARDS EH250 #122622 for sale

ID: 122622
Blower, 208/460V, 220 cfm.
EDWARDS EH250 pump is a type of rotary vane vacuum pump that utilizes a durable motor with oil-free, non-lubricated bearings for maximum reliability and extended performance. Featuring a patented design, this device can achieve superior ultimate pressures and operates efficiently to increase production yield. It has a very high ultimate pressure of 1x10-2 mbar, making it ideal for a wide range of processes. EDWARDS EH 250 operates with a simple two-stage pumping system, using a combination of the single stage inlet valve and the two-stage rotor seals. This design allows for optimum pumping speed and performance, while still maintaining efficient ultimate pressures. The design of this pump is also advanced compared to traditional pumps. It features two separately sealed lobe vanes that are incredibly reliable and can last for up to 6 million pump cycles. Additionally, this pump includes a heavy-duty, robust cast iron housing and is resistant to wear as well as temperature swings. EH250 is specifically designed for a variety of uses in a variety of industries. This include vacuum applications such as freeze drying, vacuum packaging, degassing, filtration and dust collection, medical and laboratory applications, and many more. It is also suitable for low and moderate vacuum processes. This model is also easy to install and operate and includes a built-in flush port for fast and easy servicing. This unit has a number of features that help it to run safely and efficiently. Its advanced oil-free design and patented low-flow, single-stage valve minimise the risk of contamination, while the internal dump valve helps increase reliability and reduce maintenance. Additionally, it comes with an adjustable operating temperature range of -25°C to 70°C and modular construction, allowing users to quickly configure the pump to their exact requirements. In summary, EH 250 pump is a reliable and high-performing rotary vane vacuum pump with a patented design and efficient ultimate pressures. Its advanced features make it suitable for a variety of applications and industries, while also offering an adjustable temperature range and easy servicing. This model is an ideal choice for those looking for superior performance and reliability for their vacuum process.
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