Used EDWARDS EH250 #142687 for sale

ID: 142687
Mechanical roots blower.
EDWARDS EH250 is a high-powered, dual-stage rotary vane pump that is uniquely designed in order to provide reliable, consistent pumping performance. This versatile model is ideal for a number of vacuum applications, and can be used in a wide variety of industrial and analytical vacuum conditions. EDWARDS EH 250 is an oil-sealed rotary vane pump that uses an oil bath to circulate oil around the pumping mechanism. As a result, it is an excellent choice for many applications involving materials that can cause wear or can cause excessive heat. EH250 has a high pumping speed and a low ultimate pressure, and is highly efficient, quietly running for extended periods of time. The pump is able to maintain its peak performance even at higher temperatures, thanks to its lubrication system with a 9-month oil change interval. EH 250 is designed with two inlet connections, one for the inlet gas and one for the oil return, and can operate both open and closed loop. The oil circulation is contact-free, which allows for smoother and quieter operation. EDWARDS EH250 is equipped with a ThermoSpeed Controller, which maintains the optimal level of vacuum pressure, as well as a power failure sense circuit that shuts down the vacuum process automatically when power is lost. This ensures that the pump will not overheat. The pump is also equipped with a power monitor, which helps monitor the effectiveness of the pumping process, thereby improving its efficiency and reducing the overall cost of operation. EDWARDS EH 250 is a powerful and reliable pump, particularly useful in sensitive vacuum applications. Its large, non-corrosive cast-iron body ensures a long product life, and its simple maintenance requirements will help reduce operational costs and increase product lifespan. With its vast range of features and its reliable and consistent performance, EH250 is an excellent choice for many high-performance vacuum applications.
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