Used EDWARDS EH250 #184111 for sale

ID: 184111
Blower 220 CFM, 1.5HP with E2M40 30 CFM.
EDWARDS EH250 is a single-stage, oil sealed rotary pump that can handle a range of operating conditions. It is designed for reliable operation in high vacuum pumping applications up to 1.00 mbar (0.001 mbar) and is capable of achieving ultimate vacuum pressures of less than 10-3 ToT mbar. EDWARDS EH 250 comes complete with an incorporated cooling fan and contains a chemically inert, wear-resistant diaphragm surface. EH250 is a workhorse pump, designed to withstand a range of rigorous industrial and research applications. Its simple and robust design allows it to be set up and running quickly, with very little maintenance required. It runs at near-constant flow and can be programmed to operate in a variable or continuously variable mode. It is also equipped with effective contamination control and minimal emissions, allowing operators to work safely, efficiently, and without worry about environmental impact. EH 250 operates in an oil-sealed environment, using a combination of oil and grease to reduce air losses and maximize performance. It contains a high-efficiency, low-vibration pumping head with a range of features that enable precise vacuum pressure control. EDWARDS EH250 utilizes advanced oil diffusion technology and has a generously sized gas ballast valve, enabling it to perform with superior pumping speeds and pumping capacity. EDWARDS EH 250 also includes a hand-free measuring port for continual vacuum performance tracking, as well as a built-in silencer to keep noise levels to a minimum. It is backed by a one-year limited warranty, which ensures added peace of mind. Overall, EH250 is a powerful and reliable pump that runs quietly, consumes minimal power, and is easy to maintain. It is capable of withstanding a wide range of operating conditions and features a number of advanced features and technologies to provide reliable and efficient performance.
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