Used EDWARDS EH250 #9081101 for sale

ID: 9081101
Blower 190 CFM.
EDWARDS EH250 is a robust and reliable pump that is suitable for a wide range of applications. The pump is highly efficient and optimised for performance, helping to minimise operating costs. With its state of the art engineering, EDWARDS EH 250 is designed to be safe and easy to use, while also delivering reliable and consistent performance. This pump is suitable for a wide range of applications, from air conditioning units and flush systems, to vacuum furnaces and spectroscopic equipment. It is well suited to a variety of different environments, including hazardous areas, thanks to its robust construction and features such as pressure relief cords for added safety. EH250 also offers a durable and long lasting design, with components that are simple to maintain. EH 250 utilises a high powered, hermetically-sealed multi-stage centrifugal compressor to provide powerful and consistent cooling performance. Its advanced design also offers energy efficient and reliable operation, with a low maintenance cost. This means that you can expect to get an economical and efficient performance from EDWARDS EH250 for a range of situations. EDWARDS EH 250 has a maximum operating pressure of 14 bar and a maximum coolant temperature of -40°C. It also has excellent vibration damping, which helps reduce wear and tear on its components. With its low noise level of only 57dB(A) at full speed, EH250 is suitable for a wide range of environments which may require whisper-quiet pumps. EH 250 also has many features that make it highly recommended. It is designed to be easy to install and comes with a range of maintenance tools to ensure that it stays in top condition. It also has an auto-restart feature, meaning that if a power failure occurs, the pump will restart automatically when power is restored, helping to reduce downtime. Overall, EDWARDS EH250 is a reliable and cost-effective pump that can be used in many different applications. Its robust and efficient design and easy to use features ensure that you get the most out of your pump every time, and its low noise levels make it suitable for all kinds of environments. Thanks to its dependable performance and convenience, EDWARDS EH 250 is an ideal choice for many industrial and commercial applications.
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