Used EDWARDS EH2600 #131537 for sale

ID: 131537
EDWARDS EH2600 is a powerful and reliable liquid ring vacuum pump designed for continuous duty applications. It features a rugged construction, allowing for operation in harsh environments and for a range of industrial applications. EDWARDS EH 2600 utilizes a single-stage, direct-driven liquid ring pump which has been optimized for performance, maintenance and cost savings. EH2600 has a high-performance motor and impeller which provide low pulsation and efficient vacuum performance. It is capable of handling liquids with up to 0.1% impurity level, allowing for a wide range of applications. The motor is IP55 rated, providing adequate protection from environmental threats. Additionally, the motor is low-noise and vibration-free, allowing it to be conveniently operated in noise-sensitive areas. EH 2600 utilizes a single-stage suction / discharge which makes it suitable for use in process systems which require low residue levels. This allows for a clean startup every time it is used. Additionally, it has an in-built air-opening valve, allowing it to remain under vacuum after shutdown and preventing from stall points. EDWARDS EH2600 also features a mechanical seal which is designed to provide superior reliability and leak-free performance. EDWARDS EH 2600 has a robust design that is constructed with robust steel and metal components, ensuring durability and reliable performance. It is rated to a pressure of up to 25" HgA and is capable of operating across an ambient temperature range of -13°F to +158°F. Additionally, the liquid ring vacuum pump is compatible with a variety of materials, including water, oils, chemicals, and other similar liquids. EH2600 has an easy-to-use, self-contained control panel which allows for convenient operation and maintenance. Additionally, it is equipped with an integrated temperature protection system, allowing for protection from overheating and extending the motor's life. EH 2600 also comes with a choice of connection options, allowing for easy installation. Overall, EDWARDS EH2600 is a robust, reliable and cost-effective vacuum pump designed for a wide range of industrial applications. It features an efficient motor and impeller, allowing for smooth, low-pulsation and quiet operation. Additionally, EDWARDS EH 2600 is capable of handling a wide variety of liquids and is equipped with an integrated control panel for easy operation and maintenance.
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