Used EDWARDS EH2600 #9094075 for sale

ID: 9094075
EDWARDS EH2600 is a robust and efficient vacuum pump designed for general purpose applications. It is compact in size and has a robust housing made of stainless steel, making it an ideal choice for high-reliability environments. EDWARDS EH 2600 is equipped with a patented 'Wobble free' cylinder, allowing it to smoothly transition across wide operating pressures. This helps to ensure stable operation throughout its rated speed range. An adjustable compensator helps to keep the motor running at peak efficiency by limiting the maximum pressure allowed. Additionally, EH2600 has an intake port that is designed to reduce air leaks and exhaust pockets that limit pulsation and noise. EH 2600 has an oil-sealed lubrication system that ensures smooth operation and reduces the need for maintenance. Standard features include a 2-stage oil filter and a protective network of mechanical seals. This makes sure that all critical vacuum components are adequately sealed and protected. The advanced pumping system ensures that EDWARDS EH2600 is suitable for a range of applications, including degassing, drying, freeze-drying, vacuum drying and conveying. It is also ideal for use in vacuum-casting and high-oil-vapour applications. EDWARDS EH 2600 comes with a range of accessories that are designed to ensure optimal operation. These include an air-cooled filter and an oil vapor separator. The complete system also includes an exhaust adapter plate and an adjustable suction port. Overall, EH2600 is a reliable and powerful vacuum pump that is capable of delivering excellent performance across a wide range of applications. Its patented design, rugged construction and easy maintenance make it the ideal choice for industrial, research and laboratory environments.
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