Used EDWARDS EH2600 #9096784 for sale

ID: 9096784
Pump Part Number: Mineral oil Version A307-51-935 PFPE Version A307-53-935 Displacement: 2590 CMH Inlet connection: ISO160 Outlet connection: ISO100 Type of oil: H/C or PFPE Version Minimum size backing pump: 175 CMH Cooling: Water Motor power: 7.5 kW, 415 V, 3 Phase.
EDWARDS EH2600 is a robust and reliable double-stage rotary vacuum pump, suitable for continuous operation and a wide range of industrial processes. This pump is designed to generate high vacuum levels with a very low noise level and low power consumption. EDWARDS EH 2600 delivers a maximum speed of 2800 rpm and has a maximum pumping speed of 97 m³/hour, with a final pressure of 1.3 mbar. Its single-stage design ensures consistent and reliable performance from both the inlet and exhaust stages. EH2600 has exceptional wear and tear resistance with its inner and outer castings and impellers which are constructed from stainless steel and stainless alloy. This allows for extended operation and no need for constant maintenance. EH 2600 has a wide range of inlets to suit many different applications. It has vacuum inlets compatible with PFTE and KF flanges, allowing it to be installed in various configurations. It also has an inlet silencer, which ensures the pump works at the lowest noise level possible. EDWARDS EH2600 is very compact and lightweight, allowing it to be used for multiple applications in tight spaces. Its small footprint ensures minimal space usage, making it suitable for portable systems. EDWARDS EH 2600 is built for extreme temperatures and provides excellent protection against freezing and sparking due to its electrical isolation. It is also free from fire hazards due to its self cooldown feature. Its heavy-duty construction and tough build provides a durable and dependable product. Integral safety features help to enhance the longevity of EH2600. EH 2600 is designed to deliver exceptional performance, exceptional efficiency and exceptional reliability that will stand up to a wide range of operating environments. Its robust construction and excellent operational characteristics make it the perfect choice for a wide range of vacuum applications.
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