Used EDWARDS EH4200 #9076625 for sale

ID: 9076625
Booster pump.
EDWARDS EH4200 is a high-performance dry-piston mechanical pump designed for use in challenging demanding industrial, commercial and scientific applications. This pump has been designed specifically for high volume pumping, and offers exceptional levels of performance and durability. EDWARDS EH 4200 pump features a dry-piston design that offers superior performance in tight tolerance applications. The dry-piston design utilizes a special non-abrasive, non-wearing piston that is designed to stay clean and unobstructed from the inside-out. Additionally, the pump utilizes a minimum of four interconnected pistons, which allows for the pump to move volumetrical flows at high speeds and at a constant pressure. EH4200 pump is powered by an electric motor, and can pump at speeds of up to 4,500 rpm. This pump uses a mechanical interlocking drive equipment which prevents back pressure and excessive heat buildup in the motor. Additionally, the pump can be used with either a single or multi-stage pumping system. The multi-stage pumping unit offers enhanced levels of performance and efficiency, as the user can adjust the number of stages depending on the task requirements. EH 4200 pump is corrosion and chemical resistant, as it uses a combination of stainless steel, aluminium and hardened plastic parts. The pump also utilizes a temperature control machine to ensure the pump and motor remain at an optimal temperature during operation. Additionally, EDWARDS EH4200 pump is equipped with a variety of safety features such as dry run and overpressure protection. EDWARDS EH 4200 pump is easy to maintain and has a long service life, as all parts are either serviceable or replaceable. The pump is ideal for a wide range of applications, including chemical and pharmaceutical processing, high-pressure hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps and analytical instrumentation. EH4200 pump can also be used in other industrial applications such as food processing, mining, oil and gas production and water treatment. EH 4200 is a rugged and reliable pump that offers reliable performance, excellent durability and a long service life.
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