Used EDWARDS EH500 #123127 for sale

ID: 123127
EDWARDS EH500 pump is a highly reliable and efficient combination of diffusion and mechanical pumping. Designed with advanced engineering, it offers reduced operating cost and superior environmental protection with low noise levels. The robust and versatile design makes it an ideal choice for most semiconductor Process Vacuum Systems. EDWARDS EH 500 pump is powered by a reliable and efficient 0.5 HP (370W) brushless DC motor that requires minimal maintenance with no replacement brushes or commutators required. The design includes an integrated magnetic suspension for low vibration operation as well as a sound enclosure to reduce noise emissions. EH500 pump features a direct drive transmission, for direct connection between the motor and the rotor. This provides extremely accurate extraction control and precise response. The robust rotor and pumping chamber design allows for high chemical and out-gassing tolerances, making it suitable for a wide range of process applications. EH 500 pump is designed with an integral gas ballast valve and advanced seal technology, resulting in superior performance and reduced operating costs. Additionally, it has a built-in non-return valve which prevents the back flow of process gas, assuring the safety and functionality of the process equipment. EDWARDS EH500 pump comes with improved voltage range and a wider range of accessories as standard. Including a comprehensive remote control system and leak detection system, the remote control suite enables users to control and monitor their processes from a safe distance. EDWARDS EH 500 pump offers robust performance, excellent reliability, low maintenance requirements, improved outgassing and operating costs and excellent environmental protection. It is an ideal choice for semiconductor and other industrial processes.
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