Used EDWARDS EH500 #142688 for sale

ID: 142688
Mechanical roots blower.
EDWARDS EH500 is a high performance pumping equipment, developed for a wide range of industrial applications. This dynamic and reliable piece of equipment features a unique design, offering enhanced efficiency and long-term operation. EDWARDS EH 500 is designed to be compact and durable, making it suitable for a variety of applications and environments. This modern pumping system is encased within a stainless steel housing, allowing it to withstand severe mechanical, chemical and thermal stresses associated with daily operation. Completely engineered, EH500 offers reliable performance and excellent durability, allowing it to withstand harsh operating circumstances. It is also designed to provide optimum efficiency and high-flow capabilities, allowing it to handle demanding processes and power needs. EH 500 offers a centrifugal pumping design, with the ability to develop differential pressures up to 700 mBar. This allows users to operate the equipment with a wide range of liquids, including conforming liquids and non-corrosive solvents. The unit is offered with a choice of two configurations - bare shafts or bearing mounted type - to meet specific requirements. The main feature of this unit is the volumetric motorized flow control, providing users with the ability to maintain a preset flow setting, regardless of demand or working pressure. Additionally, the machine is fitted with a flowmeter for quick and accurate flow measurement. This is further enhanced by its precision valves, which provides improved control and accuracy. EDWARDS EH500 also provides protection against wear and damage caused by pressure surges and cavitation, thanks to its self-lubricating bearings designed to handle extreme pressure and wear. To provide automated safety, the equipment is fitted with an Integrated Control Device (ICD), which regularly monitors the pressure and flow rate of the tool. EDWARDS EH 500 is designed with a water cooling asset, providing effective cooling to the pumps, allowing them to achieve even higher flow rates while minimizing wear and tear. For operation convenience, the model is equipped with an ultra-responsive and easy-to-use user interface that allows users to operate the equipment quickly and reliably. In conclusion, EH500 is a reliable, versatile and easy-to-use pump equipment, suited for a variety of industrial applications. This machine offers a wide range of features, from volumetric motorized flow control and automatic safety features to water cooling and improved accuracy. With an efficient and reliable design, this system is a highly advanced pumping solution.
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