Used EDWARDS EH500 #184110 for sale

ID: 184110
Blower booster vacuum pump 208 V, 6.2 A, 3 Phase, 355 CFM.
EDWARDS EH500 is a high performance pump from the range of oil sealed rotary pumps at EDWARDS. It is a robust pump that provides precise and reliable operation for applications in vacuum and high vacuum. EDWARDS EH 500 is a chemically resistant vacuum pump that offers an impressive pumping speed of 600 liters per second (l/s) and a pumping speed of 1.2 mbar. It is designed to be low maintenance and provides long service intervals. The pump is capable of producing high vacuum levels, down to 10-3 mbar and offers excellent performance in combination with backing pumps. It features an oil sealed rotary vane design, which is simple to maintain and requires only basic care. The pump has a compact size and will fit into almost any application space. EH500 has a built-in motor that is insulated and protected against oil and liquid. It features a low sound level at 65 dBA, meaning it can be installed in noise-sensitive environments. The pump has cooling fins on the motor housing to ensure cooling and can maintain a continuous operation for long periods of time. The oil sealed design of EH 500 ensures reliable operation, low noise levels and excellent ultimate vacuum. Furthermore, it has a multi-stage design which allows for efficient operation in applications demanding high performance. It has an integral oil reservoir that can hold a large volume of oil and holds a low toxic level. EDWARDS EH500 is easy to install and comes with an adjustable anti-suck-back valve, which eliminates any risks of liquid entering the pump chamber. It also features an integral vacuum gauge to give users a visual indication of the internal chamber pressure. Overall, EDWARDS EH 500 is a reliable and efficient vacuum pump, capable of performing in a wide range of applications with its reliable performance and robust design. It is a comprehensive solution for businesses seeking a reliable and safe vacuum pump for their production processes.
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