Used EDWARDS EH500 #9081104 for sale

ID: 9081104
Blower 330 CFM.
EDWARDS EH500 is a high-performance, low-pressure vacuum pump designed to provide precise and reliable performance for a wide range of industrial applications. This pump is perfect for applications requiring fast, efficient and reliable performance, such as vacuum distillation, dynamic experiments and evacuation of small vessels. It features a robust cast iron construction, a maximum pumping speed of more than 110 liters per second, and an adjustable rate of operation with three different speed settings (High, Medium, and Low). Additionally, it features an adjustable vacuum controller to ensure consistent pressures. This powerful pump is built for superior reliability and efficiency. Its motor is rated at 1HP (750W) and is designed to run continuously. This ensures that the user experiences uninterrupted operation and steady performance even in heavily demanding tasks. EDWARDS EH 500 is driven by a belt-driven, two-stage oil-sealed rotary vane mechanism. This mechanism provides an incredible level of performance and allows for precise and efficient evacuation in any task. EH500 utilizes two independent ports—one for fine control operations and one for roughing. It features state-of-the-art noise reduction technology, allowing for noise levels of only 40dB at a distance of one meter. Furthermore, it is designed for fast and convenient maintenance. The filter has a quick-change feature, which ensures that maintenance is fast and easy. EH 500 features a simple control panel, which allows for easy operation and monitoring. This panel has clearly labeled buttons and an LED display so the user can conveniently view the pump's status. It also features intuitive alarms that run independent from the main motor. Plus, it is designed to integrate with other EDWARDS products so there are less hardware and software components to install. In all, EDWARDS EH500 is an incredibly powerful and reliable pump. Its cast iron construction, adjustable speed settings, and adjustable vacuum pressure controller make it the perfect pump for a variety of industrial applications and tasks. It is also incredibly easy to use, maintain and integrate into existing systems. All in all, it is an incredibly powerful and reliable vacuum pump to use for your industrial needs.
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