Used EDWARDS EO2 #9096953 for sale

ID: 9096953
Pump Part No: B304 09 210 Displacement Air : 150 lit/sec Inlet flange: 130.2 mm bolted flange Backing connection: NW10 flange/ ‘C’ Clamp Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 75 ml Type of fluid: Santavac 5 Recommended minimum backing pump: 5 CMH Heater power: 0.4 kW, 240 V, 1 Phase.
EDWARDS EO2 is a high performance rotary vane pump designed for efficient and reliable operation under the most demanding applications. EO2 is ideal for the pumping of a wide range of gases and vapors including light hydrocarbons, carbon dioxide, and air. This is achieved by utilizing an adjustable internal oven and a variety of advanced features specially designed to reduce noise, vibration, and power consumption. With its light weight design, low maintenance, and patented Oil Guard Technology, EDWARDS EO2 is one of the most dependable pumps currently on the market. EO2 boasts a number of specialized features that make this rotor pump truly remarkable. Its advanced speed control feature allows the user to customize their pumping speed, allowing them to adjust it to their individual needs. EDWARDS EO2 also features patented non-contacting sliding vanes for enhanced reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Additionally, the internal oven can be adjusted to ensure optimum pumping performance is maintained over the life of the pump. EO2 also has a number of energy efficient features such as a highly efficient asynchronous motor and a unique internal cooling system. This helps reduce the operational costs associated with running a pump of this power. Moreover, EDWARDS EO2 includes a sealed design that provides improved safety and reliability. EO2 is also highly reliable, using a patented Oil Guard Technology to prevent any oil leakage during operation. In summary, EDWARDS EO2 is a powerful and reliable rotary vane pump designed specifically for use in a wide range of applications such as industrial processes, the transportation of light and heavy gases, and air compression. Its advanced features, low maintenance, and patented Oil Guard Technology make it the ideal choice for anyone seeking a reliable, high performance pump.
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