Used EDWARDS EO20 #9096956 for sale

ID: 9096956
Pump Part No: B045 02 220 Displacement: 14,000 lit/sec Inlet flange: 610 mm Flange Backing connection: 150 mm Flange Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 5000 ml Type of fluid: Oil Recommended minimum backing pump: 650 CMH Heater power: 12 kW, 415 V, 3 Phase.
EDWARDS EO20 is a heavy-duty, oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump. It is designed for professional industrial concept in applications that require continuous duty and seamless operation. EO20 is capable of generating vacuum levels from atmospheric pressure to 1.6 mbar. EDWARDS EO20 is robust and engineered with a simple yet functional frame in order to ensure easy maintenance and a robust service life. The exterior of the pump is outfitted with an advanced air cooling system that allows the device to operate without additional cooling requirements. EO20 is powered by a large, oil-lubricated direct drive motor that is suitable for use in tough industrial environments. This motor is rated to run for up to 8,000 hours and is capable of delivering a maximum power output of 11kW. It also has a sound insulation system that ensures smooth and quiet operation. EDWARDS EO20 is outfitted with a built-in controller that allows it to precisely regulate the power and speed of its operation. The controller offers the user easy setup and use and the ability to customize settings according to the application's needs. It also features a soft start feature, which enables the unit to start up and shut down without generating surges in the power supply, thus protecting it further from power surges. EO20 is designed to be low-maintenance and comes with a one-year warranty. The large capacity oil reservoir allows for extended periods of operation without having to replace the oil. The pump has a number of safety features such as a temperature monitor and an oil level alarm that further add to its reliability. In addition, EDWARDS EO20 is compatible with a range of accessories including the External Pipework Kit, Oil Change Kit, and Seals Renewal Kit. These accessories allow the user to maximize the pump's performance and extend the duration of use. EO20 is an advanced, reliable and easy to operate vacuum pump with unmatched performance capabilities. It is a great choice for heavy-duty industrial applications where precision, power and quality are of paramount importance.
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