Used EDWARDS EO4 #9081549 for sale

ID: 9081549
Pump 177mm OD-12 hole flange, 600 l/s.
EDWARDS EO4 is an oil-free, vapour-driven scroll pump engineered and manufactured by EDWARDS LTD. Specifically designed for experimental and research applications, EO4 delivers reliable, high performance and ultimate flexbility. EDWARDS EO4 can be used in a variety of applications due to its vapor drive, which allows it to provide efficient and reliable vacuum regardless of the operating pressure in the chamber from atmosphere to high vacuum. This pump is designed to be the most reliable choice for applications requiring a higher-vacuum level. EO4 features a modular design for superior modularity. This means that the pump can be easily assembled and disassembled, allowing for more efficient maintenance and low downtime. Additionally, EDWARDS EO4 is extremely quiet, with the maximum noise output of only 43 dB(A) at 50 Hz. EO4 also comes equipped with an internal gas ballast system which prevents pump damage caused by high vapor loads and helps to limit the amount of oil in the pumped air. The oil-free design of EDWARDS EO4 ensures that it produces no hazardous emissions and has minimal environmental impact. EO4 also features adaptive control technology, which helps it to maintain a constant output pressure regardless of the process pressure. EDWARDS EO4 also features a pressure decay test, enabling it to quickly check that the inlet and outlet pressures are balanced during normal working conditions. Finally, EO4 features a rotating wand and internal vacuum gauge allowing for a better control of the performance of the pump. Furthermore, it is endowed with a maintenance-free design and does not require the regular oil changes that other pumps might need. In conclusion, EDWARDS EO4 is the perfect choice for applications requiring a higher-vacuum level, as it offers superior reliability, modularity and operational efficiency. With its oil-free design, adaptive control technology, pressure decay test, rotating wand and internal vacuum gauge, EO4 provides unparalleled performance for Experimental and Research applications.
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