Used EDWARDS EO6 #9096955 for sale

ID: 9096955
Pump Part No:B011 03 110 Displacement: 1350 lit/sec Inlet flange: 254 mm (10") bolted flange Backing connection: NW25 Flange or ‘C’ Clamp Cooling: Water Fluid capacity: 300 ml Type of fluid: Santavac 5 Recommended minimum backing pump: 12 CMH Heater power: 1.35 kW, 240 V, 1 Phase.
EDWARDS EO6 pump is designed specifically for the transfer of ultra-high vacuum applications. It is a scroll pump, which makes use of two spiral-shaped scrolls encased in a stationary body. The rotating scroll meshes with the stationary scroll, creating chambers that fill and collapse in order to create a quasi continuous compression, resulting in a high pumping speed. EO6 is ideal for use in ultra-high vacuum systems and is widely used in scientific research and industrial applications. EDWARDS EO6 features an innovative oil-free design, making it particularly suitable for pumping clean air or dry gas streams. To accomplish this, oil-free surfaces are used to rid the system of all oil and gas residues. What is more, its versatile design allows for use in the pumping of aggressive, corrosive or biological gases, with minimal risk of damage or contamination. EO6 achieves an ultimate pressure of 10e-4 mbar, a pumping speed of 200 l/s and a compression ratio of 21.8%. Its direct-drive motor is self-cooling and has low power requirements, while the scroll is constructed of non-magnetic stainless steel for superior corrosion resistance. The integrated user interface also features comprehensive monitoring and maintenance functions that can be accessed through the standard control panel. In order to ensure the reliability of the scroll pump, EDWARDS EO6 is designed to withstand a wide range of environmental conditions. This is achieved through a combination of carefully designed seals and a high-tech interlock system that prevents reverse-flow. In addition, its compact design makes installation and maintenance tasks less intensive. EO6 is an ideal choice for a variety of applications, particularly those that require clean gases and corrosive-resistant components. Its low power consumption, self-cooling features, and robust engineering make it one of the most reliable scroll pumps available today.
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