Used EDWARDS EPX180L #9098351 for sale

ID: 9098351
HiVac dry pump Max pressure: < 7 x 10-5 Torr Option: Tool interface module (TIM) Power supply: 200/208 VAC ,1 Phase, 50/60 Hz.
EDWARDS EPX180L is a centrifugal pump designed for robust operation in industrial and commercial applications. The pump has a cast iron volute and impeller and a robust bronze-supported cartridge bearing system. It also has a rugged stainless steel motor shaft, as well as an oversized, stainless steel motor bearing. The pump is designed to operate with a standard NEMA C-frame electric motor, with a 3/4" NPT suction inlet and 3/4" NPT internal discharge outlet. EDWARDS EPX-180L features a double suction impeller that is designed to reduce cavitation. The impeller has a left-handed rotation, thus increasing the performance of the pump in applications where high-pressure operation is required. This pump is also designed to be self-cooling, making it ideal for high temperature applications. The pump is also certified to CSA Certification Standards for industrial and commercial applications. EPX 180L also features an integrated pressure relief valve, which is designed to help regulate the pressure of the system. The pump also includes a mechanical seal, which serves to provide a long-lasting, reliable seal between the pump casing and its impeller. This prevents any loss of process fluid, resulting in no loss of performance. EDWARDS EPX 180 L also features integrated seals on the pump's casing and impeller. These seals are strong and durable and help to reduce the risk of leakage, resulting in efficient and reliable operation of the pump. Additionally, EPX 180 L features a carbon-faced mechanical seal, which is laminated to the impeller, providing a superior level of performance and protection. EPX-180L is capable of pumping a maximum lift of up to 180 feet. It is capable of producing flowrates up to 81 GPM and a maximum pressure of up to 170 PSI. This makes it an excellent choice for a wide variety of applications, from industrial to commercial. EPX180L is an efficient and reliable pump, designed to meet and exceed a wide range of process and industrial needs.
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